Jan 7 2016

Current Status

Keeping up with the repeaters in the cold weather is a hard thing to do!  Really who wants to go out in the cold anyway?  Right now the 442.850 (msf5000) is down.  The main board in the thing died.  The repeater is still at the site but weighing in at 110 lbs, it will be a while before I can get it moved.  I do have a spare repeater tuned up for 442.850 I just don’t have it interfaced into anything just yet. The 146.910 repeater is working 50% of the time.  Basically it is transmitting, however the cedar voter …

Jan 7 2016

Welcome to the Site!!!

You would think I would create backups of all the sites I have had over the past, wouldn’t you? They just get full and not looked at over time. That means it is time to start all over again… Welcome to n3fe.ampr.org … 2016 Version!!!