Apr 14 2016

Tower Hill DMR

UPDATE: TS2 / TG2 should now be used for local communications.  This talk group is bridged between both the N3FE digital repeaters as well as N2UNO. Tower Hill is now running a DMR repeater!  442.850 Color Code 1.  To access the local users please use Time Slot 2 / Talk Group 9.  I do ask that reflectors NOT be done using a manual dial.  Please find the correct talk group and access it that way.  For all the available talk groups please look at one of my other postings.  We have had 5 different people using the repeater from both …

Apr 1 2016

Brandmeister DMR Talk Groups

One of the big things I hear on Brandmeister is …  What are the talk groups?  Well here they are.  One thing you have to remember is reflectors and talkgroups are two different things.  Reflectors range from 4000-4999 and are a link to a talk group.  If you are on a dmr repeater and on time slot 2 talk group 9 you can access a reflector as a private call to that reflector.  Do a private call to that number, key up for a few seconds and then unkey.  You will get a british female voice come back to you …

Mar 21 2016

Cedar Work Session

We had a great work session on Saturday March 19th, 2016 at Cedar Mtn.  The Grand Canyon Repeater group installed their new Kenwood 750 repeater on 145.270.  The UHF duplexers were retuned which made a HUGE difference and some antenna work was done.  They plan on revisiting the site next weekend if there are any takers!  We also plan on putting up a 444.850 PL 71.9 repeater at the site at well! Click Here to see some Cedar Mtn Pictures!!!

Mar 1 2016

DMR Time Slots and Talk Groups

This is the current setup of the repeater I am working on for DMR.  The frequency may change down the road.  444.600 (+) color code 1 worldwide TG91 TS1 North America TG93 TS1 Nationwide TG3100 TS1 Call Area 3  TG31093 TS1 Call Area 4  TG31094 TS1 Local Only  TG9 TS2 Pennsylvania   TG3142 TS2 New York   TG3136 TS2 Florida   TG3112 TS2 Maine   TG3123 TS Click Here to view the BrandMeister DMR PDF

Feb 29 2016

DMR is Alive!!!

Thursday night I received the MMDVM board and got it all wired up.  For some reason I wasn’t able to get anything going on it.  I double and tripple checked everything.  It wasn’t until Friday night I noticed that I fried my Motorola 1225 receiver.  I found that if the MMDVM is seated all the way down in the DUO something was shorting out which back fed the COR line to ground and poof! Out came the trust old GM300 and the MMDVM pulled up just a little.  Right away I noticed it was receiving!  I started at 3 Khz …

Feb 16 2016

Cedar Receiver update

Wow!  That is all I can say!  This is the voting receiver that was at my house.  It was an sm50 and was pretty hot as far as sensitivity.  I wasn’t sure how it would act at a site with other RF.  After almost a week of testing this little thing doesn’t seem to care what else is up there, at least up to this point.  Using 5 watts mobile in downtown Mansfield has very little mobile flutter and very easy to copy.  I have had the same reports over in Potter County as well!  Lets hope this keeps working …

Feb 12 2016

Cedar Remote Receiver Back!

On Thursday February 11, 2016 Dale WB3DLN and Phil KA3VRW went up to Cedar Mtn to work on their UHF repeater.  I gave them a complete spare remote receiver setup that I was using at the house.  The equipment was swamped out and still not working.  From Mansfield they were able to hear me on their voting receiver but not the 91 remote receiver at the same site and on the same antenna.  Something didn’t make sense.  Dale checked a jumper wire and found the connector to be bad.  Not having parts to repair it they put an adapter in …

Jan 7 2016

Current Status

Keeping up with the repeaters in the cold weather is a hard thing to do!  Really who wants to go out in the cold anyway?  Right now the 442.850 (msf5000) is down.  The main board in the thing died.  The repeater is still at the site but weighing in at 110 lbs, it will be a while before I can get it moved.  I do have a spare repeater tuned up for 442.850 I just don’t have it interfaced into anything just yet. The 146.910 repeater is working 50% of the time.  Basically it is transmitting, however the cedar voter …

Jan 7 2016

Welcome to the Site!!!

You would think I would create backups of all the sites I have had over the past, wouldn’t you? They just get full and not looked at over time. That means it is time to start all over again… Welcome to n3fe.ampr.org … 2016 Version!!!